Claire Johnston

I am a First Class Honours Graduate from UCCA in Rochester. I have studied a BA(Hons) Degree in Applied Art. Currently I am specialising in designing and making contemporary jewellery. I am proficient in the use of many materials and processes, including metalwork, ceramics, plastics and textiles. My designs are influenced by sentimental jewellery and keepsakes, and the principles and consequences of my life journey so far.

Tooth Fairy Series

The tooth fairy series is a range of jewellery that is a contemporary take on Victorian Sentimental Jewellery. I took one of my cherished, irreplaceable possessions (my daughter's baby teeth) and created a series of jewellery from castings of her teeth. Made in sliver, the pieces have a traditional form to them, and are not instantly recogniseable as teeth.
The Ceramic Tooth Fairy Series follows on from the silver collection, but I have explored the scale of the teeth. This was based on the reaction of the audience to the silver range. I wanted to make the jewellery more provocative, I set out to create a dialogue between the audience, wearer and objects. 
The teeth are exact replicas of an original tooth that has been enlarged by either 400% or 800% through the process of rapid prototyping.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Final Show and New Designers

I will be showing my work at the University's Degree Show, the private view is on Tuesday 24th June, and open to general public on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th June, for more information follow the link :
I will be exhibiting at New Designers at the Business Design Centre, Islington from 3rd - 6th July, on stand CA7/8, for more information follow the link :